Friday, 21 July 2017

Salt & Pepper Go To An Irish Festival

Salt & Pepper accompanied Miss Desmond on her trip home to Ireland. They were very tired after the 27 hour flight, but they soon forgot how tired they were as soon as they saw how beautiful the Irish countryside was!

The best part of their trip, was when they got to attend an Irish music festival. They had such a wonderful time, and they even got to play the drums! Despite enjoying their trip, Salt & Pepper are really looking forward to seeing all of the Rimu kids and hearing all about their holidays.

You can find some photos of their Irish adventures below!

Salt & Pepper getting ready for the festival:

Salt, Pepper and Miss Desmond arriving at the festival:

Salt & Pepper playing the drums:

Salt & Pepper sunbathing:

Salt & Pepper with a giant giraffe:

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